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Public organization “Innovative Children’s Education Systems” (PO ICES) was founded in 2016.
Main tasks and purposes of the PO ICES are:
  • Encouraging the new education technologies implementation, in order to give each child an opportunity to develop their abilities of various specifics;
  • Upbringing tolerance in society;
  • Providing children with specific needs with maximum development opportunities;
  • Supporting children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Our work focuses on supporting the development of inclusive education systems in Ukraine to ensure the right of any child with a special educational neets to receive a quality education and a chace to become a part of society.

Our main aim is to help our country to improve its educational policy and practice in the field of inclusive education.

Our team

Olga Lipko


Igor Kovalenko

Project manager

Artem Chumakov

Legal consultant


Artistic Exhibition organization (with works of children having special needs and Kyiv artists` works) in the Museum of One Street, Andriyivskyi Descent of Kyiv
Partners: "Rivnovaha" organization and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
November 2019
Psychology and Speech therapy students (Pedagogical University. B. Hrinchenko and Kyiv National University. T.G. Shevchenko) educational practice organisation on the basis of psychological center "Rivnovaha" correctional groups
Partners: Center of Psychological Assistance "Rivnovaha"
Foreign internships for the specialists in:
TEACCH Institute, North Carolina;
Davis method - Great Britain, Estonia;
Sensory integration seminars - Great Britain;
Flortime method - S. Greenspan Institute - Great Britain;
Partners: Center for Psychological Assistance "Rivnovaha"
Participation in the diagnostic methods adaptation and IRC (inclusive resource center) staff training in Ukraine (PEP-3, Wisc -IV)
Partners: "Rivnovaha" and OS Ukraine Company
The doctors (of the Dobrobut clinic network specializing on the psychology of autism, ADHD and other development problems) training program has been developed and implemented.
Partners: "Rivnovaha" and Dobrobut Clinic
In cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, a neuropsychology online course for teachers has been developed and implemented in primary school the educational process.
Partners: Center for Psychological Assistance "Rivnovaha"
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Public Council

Strategic management of PO ICES is carried out by the Public Council, the main function of which is general supervision over the implementation of programs and the use of funds.
The Council consists of socially influential people, representatives of business, financial and scientific branches, non-profit organizations.


Vema Kids Company is a Ukrainian leader of psychological and rehabilitation centers organization.

Vema has its own production facilities
Takes part in various national projects
Vema’s projects are being implemented in cooperation with international organizations
Specialists trainings
Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

It is a state institution established in 2017 in order to promote the development of national culture and art in the country. UCF creates favorable conditions for the intellectual and spiritual potential of the individual and society development. Ukrainian Cultural Foundation also provides wide access to the national cultural heritage for citizens, supports cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture into the world cultural space.
United States Agency for International Development

On behalf of the American people, we acknowledge the benefits of democratic values and promote them in foreign countries in order to promote freedom, peace and prosperity in the world.
In support of US foreign policy, the United States Agency for International Development plays a leading role in implementing international development and emergency assistance through partnerships and the provision of resources, which save lives, reduce poverty and strengthen the mechanisms of democratic governance, helping the peoples of the world to overcome humanitarian crises and to step on the path of independent development.
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Public organization
“Inclusion Specificity Education Childhood”

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